A SSAS, or ‘Small Self-Administered Scheme’, is a pension scheme available to limited companies or partnerships with 11 directors or less, and it’s tailored specifically to the needs of small businesses.


Because of a SSAS’s number of unique benefits for business owners, we strongly believe that it is the best pension scheme in the UK for small businesses – even better than a SIPP, which the majority of advisers currently recommend.


A SSAS can be set up to provide extraordinary retirement benefits for business owners, thanks to its flexibility, the tax relief available on contributions and the fact it can be used to help grow a business before retirement too – it also provides the opportunity to invest more wisely too.


We believe that a SSAS is the top choice when it comes to business owners like your clients.


The sheer number of features that benefit business owners within a SSAS means that the pension scheme can provide advantages to the majority of sme’s


A SSAS gives flexibility and security, with the most investment options available to any pension scheme.


It also has a unique loan back facility which can vastly improve cashflow in your clients’ business if they need it, and can also act as an effective planning tool to reduce corporation tax.


Making sure their family’s future is safe is vital for all business owners, and having a SSAS helps make sure of this – it is a Trust based arrangement, and, as with any other pension, can be accessed from age 55.


Whether its funding for their business, enabling them to get through times of financial difficulty, or providing a tool for tax, inheritance and succession planning, a SSAS pension scheme can help if you know how to use it.


Why have your clients started a business in the first place? Most likely it’s to find financial security, to build a comfortable and happy retirement, and leave something behind for their family. With a SSAS this is all possible – this is a scheme that lets your clients make the most of their investments whilst -successfully growing their business at the same time.


WE WANT TO MAKE ACCOUNTANTS MORE AWARE OF THE POTENTIAL BENEFITS A SSAS CAN PROVIDE FOR THEIR CLIENTS. We want to help inform you and increase your knowledge and awareness of this planning tool.


We want to give your clients a quality service, helping to improve your reputation as we do so.


We’ve conducted research which implies that a lot of Accountants and financial intermediaries only have a basic understanding of how a SSAS works and how it can be applied to their clients.


Through dedicated seminars, meetings with you and your clients, and evaluations of individual cases to see if a SSAS is suitable, we want to help you and your clients take advantage of what a SSAS can offer.


Thanks to auto enrolment and other changes to pension legislation, business owners are increasingly aware of pensions.


SSASCo can help provide expert knowledge to take advantage of the many features of the SSAS arrangement.


We’re pension experts, and are dedicated to providing all the support we can to you and your clients in setting up their SSAS.


We act as long term business partners with both our financial intermediary associates and our business owner clients, with a friendly team of SSAS experts on hand whenever you need us.


Whatever your knowledge of SSASs, start the process today. Get in touch to talk to our team about recommending a SSAS to your clients.



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