Adding a new financial tool to your repertoire can only benefit you and your clients.


A SSAS is such a flexible pension scheme for business owners that it often provides advantages and solutions that other pensions just can’t, and by understanding the mechanics and application of a SSAS, you can enhance the service you provide for your clients. Also, setting up a SSAS pension scheme can then lead to them turning to you for investment advice when consolidating their other schemes.


Having loyal clients that you work with over a long period of time is ideal, and helping your clients by recommending a SSAS to them can help provide this for your practise.


A SSAS is a long term investment and process for business owners, and you have the opportunity to advise them on year-end contributions, commercial property transactions, and drawdown advice when they retire.


This all increases the amount you can do for your clients over a longer period of time, helping build an extra revenue stream as well as improving the relationship with your clients.


The biggest selling point for a SSAS is the huge way in which it can benefit your business owner clients, and the positive impact it will have on their business and future retirement.


More options to invest, increase cashflow and buy commercial property make SSASs an extremely valuable pension solution for all small business owners.


We’re experts in business pensions, and we can help you set up and make the most of your SSAS pension scheme, every step of the way.


Acting as long term partners with our clients, we offer comprehensive business and financial advice throughout the duration of your scheme, and our friendly helpful team are on hand whenever you need them to support with planning and investments.


With SSASCo, you’re never alone when it comes to your business pension.
We know that every business is different, and that’s why we listen to you first, then create a bespoke pension proposal for you to consider.



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