Q: Why should Accountants want to talk to their clients about SSASs?


A: Discussing SSASs with your clients has so many benefits for Accountants – thanks to auto enrolment, most business owners are now very aware and thinking about workplace pensions, and their Accountants are one of the first places they’ll head for advice.


Recommending a SSAS to your clients shows you are committed to providing them with a comprehensive service, increases client loyalty and prevents them moving to other advisers – and could even lead to gaining valuable new clients.



Q: How does the process of SSASCo working with Accountants start?


A: It’s really simple – first of all, just get in touch. We’d like to find out what you know about SSASs and maybe even enhance your knowledge, and then get to know your clients and which ones a SSAS pension might benefit. We can then work with clients directly to actually set up the schemes once you’ve recommended they use us as their provider.



Q: What kind of support can you give Accountants?


A: We have conducted research which implies that a lot of Accountants and other financial intermediaries currently only have a basic understanding of SSASs, how they work and how they can be applied to SME businesses, but we can help to improve that and boost your knowledge.


Our support for Accountants includes:


  • Conducting short, in house seminars to give your whole team a better understanding of SSASs
  • Talking through individual clients and cases with you, giving guidance as to whether a SSAS is suitable for them, and advising on how the scheme could best be used
  • Meeting directly with your clients to discuss with them how a SSAS could benefit their business



Q: What is the level of quality of the SSASs you will provide for my clients?


A: We know none of your clients have exactly the same circumstances, so we adopt a consultative approach where we diagnose the issues before we prescribe the solution that way we ensure your client get the best advice on how to use their ssas – if in fact a SSAS is appropriate.



Q: What will a SSAS cost my clients?


A: We have a basic annual fee which we need to cover the everyday compliance functions of your client’s SSAS, but from there, the cost really depends on your client and what they need. For all one-off additional services we have a modular menu that gives clients flexibility to use us when they need us, and to keep their costs to a minimum.



Q: What kind of ongoing support can my clients expect?


A: We don’t just leave your clients to deal with everything alone once we’ve set up their SSAS pension – we’re dedicated to providing a robust and long term support service that lets us help them whenever they need us.


From reviewing and adapting their pension, to helping them access their funds and acting as a Professional Trustee, all it takes is a phone call for clients to find all the pension support they need.

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Not An Accountant?

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