There’s a huge list of things that you can do with a SSAS that make it an ideal option for SME business owners – it’s flexible, adaptable, and the best way for your clients to grow their business whilst building their dream retirement.


It’s better for business owners than a SIPP


We know that a lot of advisers automatically offer a SIPP to their business owner clients, but we know that SSASs are actually a far better option. They offer things that SIPPS simply can’t, such as lower admin costs and more ways to improve cashflow – it helps business owners retain more money in their business, and in their retirement fund too.

Flexible use of funds


A SSAS is truly the most flexible and beneficial pension scheme for business owners thanks to the fact that it allows members to access and use their funds whilst they’re saving them, giving business owners a greater level of control.


There’s the option of a loan back facility, which can help with cash flow and reduce overdraft costs, or be used to purchase commercial property. There’s also much more investment options than with any other scheme, no fixed contributions and the whole thing can vastly reduce a company’s Corporation Tax bill.


And, the assets that grow in the SSAS are in a safe, tax free environment too.

A Great Planning Tool


SSASs aren’t just great pension schemes and a way for SMEs to fund their own business growth, but they make highly effective financial planning tools ahead of the members’ retirement too.the options include investing in commercial property, arranging loan backs from assets, organising the release of funds, reducing Corporation Tax, and even inheritance and succession planning.

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