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If you are a professional adviser that works with SMEs, you will have noticed that pensions are definitely on the radar of many business owners.
This is because many business owners have had to discuss workplace pensions for their employees to meet their Auto Enrolment obligations, and also the increased press coverage around pension freedoms.

Even though they have been around for over x years, it is surprising how little is known about the pension scheme that was designed for SMEs; the Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS).

Here at SSASco, we are offering free one-to-one online presentations to help advisers become more familiar with the unique facets and applications of SSASs.

These online presentations are conducted in a relaxed, interactive manner and can be conducted from the comfort of the adviser’s own desk or desks (we can accommodate up to four people per session).

The presentations are designed to increase the adviser’s awareness of the opportunities for their clients by using SSASs, and are delivered as a complete general overview instead of a full technical session.

The content will include:

The Structure of SSASs – Introducing the various roles and responsibilities, legal structure, regulatory bodies and client safeguards

Contributions – How a Ltd Company can make contributions of up to £500k per year, both cash and in-specie

Loan backs – How a SSAS can lend up to 50% of its assets back to the sponsoring employer (the client’s business)

Transfers – The majority of business owners have pensions that are dormant or even forgotten about. These funds could be bringing real benefit to their business

Commercial Property – There are five solid reasons why commercial property should be in a SSAS and not directly owned by the client or their Ltd. Company

Inheritance Planning – A SSAS can be used as a type of family trust that can help with IHT and estate planning

Q & A – All sessions will have an open question and answer format where either specific cases or potential outcomes can be covered

Here is some feedback from our previous presentations:

“Proactive Chartered Accountants have used SSAS planning for a number of years and have a good understanding of their uses. Terry was able to build on this and provide invaluable advice on making large SSAS contributions, in specie transfers and IPR transfers. His set up and administration fees would also be among the most competitive in the market place. Highly recommended” Jon Dickinson- Accountant, Belfast

“Terry’s explanation and walk through of the benefits and comparisons of the various schemes was easy to understand and questions I had explained very well. Professional and straight forward approach to a complex area” Craig Davies – Accountant, Wymondham

“I attended a webinar recently hosted by SSASCO and found it to be very interesting and informative. They are specialists in SSAS administration and their expertise is evident. Their charges also seem to be very reasonable. If this is an area you currently work in or are planning to, I would recommend you consider SSASCO as part of your due diligence” Marco Vallone – IFA, Brighton

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